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About Us

"I take pain and I turn it into art. My life is my masterpiece."

From a very young age I've been fascinated with anything that was creative and fostered my imagination. I dabbled in the arts, dance and eventually came upon my true making. Being unable to find somewhere local to teach me the things I was craving to learn, I sought out to online videos to teach me the basics. Throughout this phase, I taught myself some basic beadwork, metalsmithing and wax carving. 

It wasn't until towards the end of 2017, after dealing with some debilitating symptoms, that I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). Instead of spiraling down and feeling bad for myself, it became the impetus to something greater. Despite the pain and at times having to get around with a cane, I took classes with the Masters in the field of jewelry making. I became certified in diamond setting, learned in full details the entire process of Lost Wax Casting and went on to learn at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). 

Seen here is my brain MRI from 2017. The visible white specks are the lesions in my brain. 

Jewelry making is essential to my being. It's where I can transport myself and temporarily forget about my daily struggles and the struggles yet to come. My mission with this brand is to create meaningful jewelry that can serve as tangible reminders of memorable moments; the good and the not so good. I strive to bring your narratives to life by immortalizing them into metal.